Spreading the Good

Have you ever thought to yourself; “Dang, I sure would like to hear something good about the Mahoning Valley, or Youngstown, or Warren, or Salem, or Niles, or somewhere else in the Mahoning Valley”?

I have. If there is one thing that bores the crap out of me, it is the mainstream media and its sad reliance on bad news. I know that our mainstream media outlets here do the best they can with what they have. But the fact is, they are in it for the money. And bad news does sell.

Before you get the idea that I completely hate all the mainstream media does here, I do want to give a shout out to the Vindicator; our local newspaper. I do find their efforts to provide a balanced view of what happens here to be sufficient.  I also have found that since I started this project in 2016, all the TV News operations have become more community minded in terms of coverage.  We also have an excellent Business Publication here in the Valley called the Business Journal Daily.

Here is a little primer on who is running our local mainstream media news outlets. This nice lady runs our local NBC Affiliate. It really does not matter what her name is. But, if you want to know it is Betty Jagnow-Brown. She shares operational direction with a few other people such as Jack Grdic, Madonna Chism Parker, Mark A. Brown and  a few others.bettybrownjagnow

She was listed as the FCC License Holder for WFMJ Channel 21. directing the journalistic and business efforts of the mainstream Newspaper here but The Vindicator has since ceased to operate.  And recently, WFMJ filed a modification to their FCC License to obfuscate their actual ownership. Because everyone knows that the media must have a strong digital presence to even consider competing; a Digital Marketing Agency has also been started under this private umbrella.

Then in the other corner, we have our Local Fox, ABC and CBS Affiliates being operated by a nice publicly traded company who thinks that just because they create a logo with our region in it, we may believe that they are a local company. Nextstar Media.

Nextstar is actually headquartered in Irving, Texas. And owns a lot of TV Stations. But unless Texas has seceded from the Union and somehow annexed the State of Ohio; this company is not local. That is somewhat ironic considering the efforts that they go to make us here in the Valley believe that they are.

This podcast is not in it for the money. I am not beholden to any advertisers or sponsors unless I choose to be. And so I do not worry about whether I can sell advertisements or find sponsors. And that means that I can produce this podcast to only focus on the good and positive people and things that happen here in the Mahoning Valley.

That means that we can look into our past and relive and discuss some of the fantastic things that have happened here. We can discuss the present good things that are happening. We can talk about the good things that will happen and the good we plan to do here.

And when I say, “we”, I mean it. This is a community project. It is the Mahoning Valley’s Podcast and our voice on the internet. So you should reach out and get involved. You should suggest interview subjects. You should volunteer your time and efforts to make our voice on the internet as good as it possibly can be. Because this is our valley. And we love it.

You may be wondering who is behind this project. Here is some information about me and what I have done and like to do on the internet. Feel free to connect with me here or on any Social Media Platform you can find me.

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