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Good Underground Radio March 25 2018

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A week ago on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting, the Good Underground Radio Show made it’s debut.

This week and every week, the episodes run on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7PM Eastern Time. 

The thing about Internet Radio is that just like broadcast radio, if you happen to be busy when it runs, you miss it. But, not so with the Good Underground Radio Show. If you cannot tune in when it is running, you can still listen and comment and participate. Because all of our Episodes also are available for Download on SoundCloud.

And you can subscribe on Feedburner via RSS. And before too long, you should be able to get our Episodes on Google Play. Although, traditionally Podcasts primarily are available on Itunes, not everyone wants to or cares to use Apple Products. Including me.

Rather then go off about how Apple exploits Third World Peoples and charges entirely too much for their proprietary technology., suffice it to say that some large corporation’s apparent greed far exceeds the value they bring to the table in my opinion.

So maybe I will never post an episode on an Apple Property. But you can still listen and comment here. In fact you can listen to this week’s Episode right here and now.


This week, I found a band out of Switzerland that is creating original and well produced Progressive Rock. And we heard about the creative process from Dave Walton. And one of my favorite Independent Artist’ Sarantos sings and plays about how he simply does not want to be afraid anymore.

Here is a little more about these wonderful artists and where you can Follow and Listen and Support them:

Show Notes for Show Airing on Week of March 25 2018

Lets kick it off with a Band from Switzerland, Muzak. This is from their 2015 CD called Oxymoron. The Track is called New Day.

Since their debut “Muzak” (2013), the quartet has performed dozens of concerts and shared the stage with notable representatives of sophisticated rock music, such as the Canadian prog-rockers Saga or the art rockers Kyasma. With their multimedia show the band manages to convince every audience.

Website / Newsletter subscription, etc.

Social Media: Facebook



Streaming: Soundcloud


Merchandising: Bandcamp

The next track is called “Get Over Yourself” by David Walton. Let’s hear a little from David about his process and music. The Tracks playing under his narrative are called “Judgment Day” and “Quittin Time” Dave also has a Youtube Channel running here

Next we heard from Award Winning Author Phil Cain who has written a fantastic book called Alcohol Companion. He has broken down our use of Alcohol as a Society into a number of interesting stories and anecdotes. You can hear more of his stories at


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Next Track up by Sarantos, “Tired of Being Scared”

Right after that we heard “Manifesto” by Muzak from their 2018 Release entitled “I”.

We are gonna wrap this episode with a Tune called “Coming Back” by Dave Walton. Make sure and check out his Youtube Channel for more of his work.

Make sure to come by our Facebook Page and give us a like at

If you have some tracks you want featured on the Show, reach out. Until next time. Peace and Love to your and yours!


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