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Good Underground Radio May 20 2018

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Prefer to Download for later enjoyment and just playing it over and over again… Fer Sure. Here and Here.

So who are we listening to? Besides me of course.

Lachlan Horne is first up with a Track called “Be Like You” Want to find more of Lachlan’s work?

Then I figured I needed to show some locals some love. Ever hear of Jones for Revival? static1.squarespace.comThey are here in the beautiful Mahoning Valley of NE Ohio Region. I found this track over on Reverbnation. It is called “Birthday Suit” Doesn’t it have a nice little vibe? And it goes along with my belief that if I could just NEVER wear clothes; I would not.

Next up is a fellow I found over on called Solomon Maxx. How cool is that name? He is doing a Track called, “Yellow”. Check him out in these wonderful places:

Please support St. Jude Research Hospital. Where afflicted children and their families find hope and help and never receive a Bill.

Then we got another track in by some locals in the NE Ohio area. A group that has , (what I thin) is another cool name. Northern Whale. I also found these guys and gal over on Reverb Nation896a63fe77c18bf73cead8f46d1531caThe name of the Track is “Peter Pan”. Here are some more places to find these nice young people and their work:

The next track is by a nice young woman who goes by the name of Sannie. I just liked the way this song sounds.  I guess it also says something about the fact that I may be a little bit of a freak. But that is personal. And this is all about the music.  The name of the Track is “Boys on Girls”.  And Sannie is quite a looker too.  Sannie

Find some more of her and her work in these nice places:

The last track is from one of the first bands that were kind enough to help me get this Show started. Muzak. Just click through here and see all about them. The Track is called “Read me Like a Book.”

So that was a wrap on this week’s Show. Please give me some feedback on this Show and let me know if you want me to play some of your music. Or some more of it. Thanks for listening.



Good Underground Radio Show, Independent Music

Good Underground Radio Show May 13 2018

And with this episode I made the transition to all read in segments. I personally think this is the best episode yet. I also found some great Local Recording Artists to play too. Let’s get into it. Click Play and read on to find out more about the Artists on today’s show.

I kicked off this week’s Show with a Duo I found over on Reverbnation called Vox Eagle. They are doing a song called “No Sleep”.  Here is a little more about where to find more of their work so you can follow them, like them, and or buy some of their work:

Then, I hope you are listening to some local Artists who go by the name of Mettal Mafia doing a great remix of “Centuries”  I love this Track. What do you think? And BTW, here is some more about the Mettal Mafia:

And another Local Producer/Artist is up next with “Wake Up/Is Gettin Heavy In Here.”  The name of the Artist is Darnesha Allen out of Youngstown: Check her out here:

Please support or volunteer with Meals on Wheels. 3058927_MOW_America_RGB_border

Next up is Leah Capelle with a song called “Out Now”.  Here is some more about Leah and her work:vi2Jx59e_400x400

Then I played a cool track from some more Local Artists.  Terry and Diane McCabe with a song called “Not Religious”  I totally relate to this track and hopefully you enjoyed it too. Here is some more places to appreciate Terry and Diane McCabe:

The Last track on this week’s Episode is actually a Re-Release from a 1999 CD by an Artist who goes by the name of Tergel.  I played this track because I love the interplay between the guitar and the vocals. Give it a listen and let me know what you think: And in the meantime, here is where you can pick up the whole CD by Tergel:

Tergel on Amazon.


Good Underground Radio Show, Independent Music

Good Underground Radio Show May 6 2019

I am starting to move away from Pre-Recorded Segments so that I can allow for a more spontaneous presentation. When you listen to the upcoming Episode on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting; you will hear me hopefully being more spontaneous and entertaining.

Truthfully, I expect the Music to carry the show. However, I have been told that I also have a moment of humor or even entertaining ideas or words occasionally; so make sure to listen in next week on Sunday at 7PM Eastern.  You can also hear the show on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the same time.

Or wait until I post it here for download:

Let’s get into this week’s Episode:

The first track is by a DJ/Producer who goes by the name of GOTTA. This Track features Mick Rouse.  It is called “Timeline”.  Here is some more places to find GOTTA Records:artworks-000326162457-wfwpu2-t500x500

Next up was a Track by Shaggy and PitBull that I really like called “Only Love”. Fact is, and I know it is a cliche, but Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. So, let it be known that I love you!

We are then enjoying a nice instrumental by a fellow who goes by the name of Hazy Davy. Personally, I think this guy does some really cool music. Why not go by his Facebook Page and give him a like?

Then I found this nice young fellow who goes by the name of Ron Ward Jr. He and a Vocalist named Brit Cherie put together this nice Track called “It is Alright”.  268x0w  It is a part of this Album called “Melodies from the Heart”. Go by these places to find more about Ron Ward Jr and his work:

You may or not know this; but all across our beautiful planet; our Wildlife is being decimated by man and his encroachment into the natural places on Earth. These creatures have no one to speak up for them and say, “Enough.” Let us be. Support the World Wildlife Fund.

And now back to the music: I found this nice Track over on by a lady by the name of Polina Grace. polinagraceweb  The Track is called, “Wanna Be There”. Check out Ms. Grace on these platforms:

Next Up: DJ Birthday Boy featuring Trina doing a great track called “Magic”.  I loved this track, and hope you like it too…

Then I wrapped this Episode with another Track from one of my favorite Duos. Finding Butterflies. The Track is called “Little Bird”. And it speaks to the fact that EVERYONE get’s hurt in this life, everyone has pain and sorrow and regret. But, that really is all temporary. If we are willing to bring that pain and sorrow to GOD Most High; He is able to make something beautiful arise from the Ashes of our lives.

So as always; leave some feedback or make some suggestions on whose music to play. I want to hear from you.




Good Underground Radio Show, Independent Music

Good Underground Radio Show April 29 2018

I decided that it would be interesting to hear more from an Artist about their work before playing the song. And one of the Artist’s who got some airtime this week was kind enough to provide some recorded commentary on one of the songs.  If you have a minute reach out here or on my Facebook Page and let me know what you think about this idea.

Click play to hear this week’s episode. 

Let’s get to the rundown on this week’s Episode. I started the show off with a young person. Actually a person who is technically to young to own any Social Media Accounts. He is 12 as of this writing. But he has a really nice voice and the production on this track is top notch. The Artist is Seth Gregg. And the Track is “Sway”.

Here is a little more about Seth and where to find his other music:

The next track is by a group called Finding Butterflies. This is where “Lisa” sent over some commentary about her song, “I’ve Been”.  She talked a little about the Music Theory behind the song construction and the inspiration for the Lyrics. I though it was interesting.  30602160_218782772217913_2744262614975512576_n Check them out and show them some love.

We then headed into a cool tune I found over on It is by an Artist who goes by the name of Orion White. The Track is called “Wasteland”.  If you want more of Orion White check him out here:

Let’s say you have a little time in the afternoon. Well if you do, you can do lunch with one of our precious seniors in your neighborhood. And make sure they are getting something good to eat. Please volunteer with and support Meals on Wheels.

Back to the music. I found this guy on as well. I wanted to pick up the pace for the second half of the show and of course, I still like rock and roll a little so, I played some Henry Metal. The name of the tune is “Baby”. It is a kind of a sad song, as he seems to be singing about someone who dies on him. But, still a nice beat I thought.

Then I replayed a song I found when I started this project. It is called “New Day” by the band called “Muzak. I really like this band and would love to see them live. From the Reviews I have read, their live shows are a multimedia production unlike anything you have ever seen.

The next song is by a group called The Nuns. Somehow, the name of the group appeals to me. I don’t know if it is because I have spent so much time around Catholic people or I have some weird thing for women dressed in black. But I do like the song called “Just Do It”.


I wrapped up this Episode with Sarantos. “Another Day with a Broken Heart”.  Another Artist who was kind enough to join this project from the beginning. And one heck of a nice guy who puts music out nearly constantly.

That is it for this week. Remember, I will be doing a new episode and airing it every Sunday Night on Western Reserve Digital Radio at 7PM Eastern Time. And then if you want to hear it over and over the way I do when I am producing and editing the Show; click on the Subscribe Link on the sidebar.

Also, your ideas on how to improve the show and Artists you want to hear more from and learn about is very important to me. Please reach out and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening.