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Good Underground Radio May 20 2018

Click Play and then read on…

Prefer to Download for later enjoyment and just playing it over and over again… Fer Sure. Here and Here.

So who are we listening to? Besides me of course.

Lachlan Horne is first up with a Track called “Be Like You” Want to find more of Lachlan’s work?

Then I figured I needed to show some locals some love. Ever hear of Jones for Revival? static1.squarespace.comThey are here in the beautiful Mahoning Valley of NE Ohio Region. I found this track over on Reverbnation. It is called “Birthday Suit” Doesn’t it have a nice little vibe? And it goes along with my belief that if I could just NEVER wear clothes; I would not.

Next up is a fellow I found over on called Solomon Maxx. How cool is that name? He is doing a Track called, “Yellow”. Check him out in these wonderful places:

Please support St. Jude Research Hospital. Where afflicted children and their families find hope and help and never receive a Bill.

Then we got another track in by some locals in the NE Ohio area. A group that has , (what I thin) is another cool name. Northern Whale. I also found these guys and gal over on Reverb Nation896a63fe77c18bf73cead8f46d1531caThe name of the Track is “Peter Pan”. Here are some more places to find these nice young people and their work:

The next track is by a nice young woman who goes by the name of Sannie. I just liked the way this song sounds.  I guess it also says something about the fact that I may be a little bit of a freak. But that is personal. And this is all about the music.  The name of the Track is “Boys on Girls”.  And Sannie is quite a looker too.  Sannie

Find some more of her and her work in these nice places:

The last track is from one of the first bands that were kind enough to help me get this Show started. Muzak. Just click through here and see all about them. The Track is called “Read me Like a Book.”

So that was a wrap on this week’s Show. Please give me some feedback on this Show and let me know if you want me to play some of your music. Or some more of it. Thanks for listening.




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