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Good Underground Radio Show June 17 2018

I think I turned in a pretty good show this week. What do you think?

This first Band is called Veil of Obscurity doing a Track called “L’Amour” Check out more from the Veil here.

Next up a Band/Artist I found over on Reverbnation called Chimera doing “Brana” Want more of Chimera? I do. Check them out here.

I also found these next guys on Reverbnation, the band is called Badger Static. Click the link to find more of their work.

I also used some music from Martin Mayer as a bed for the Read In Segment that was next.

Then as usual, I am encouraging you to give back. When you have time to invest in your community, Mario Andretti and Meals on Wheels have a great idea for you.

Back to the music, we have Marchristiansen doing a tune called “String of Pearls” Head on over to Reverbnation and check out more of his stuff. I think he is pretty good. What about you?

Then I found this band called Deep Parliament over on Their Track is called “Simply Amazing” Want some more from Deep Parliament? Check them out here.

Next Track up, Orion White doing “Wasteland”. Find more of Orion White here.

Last Track on today’s Show is by some Ohioans who are giving it a good go and who did a nice live version of “Messin with the Kid”. I actually found this band by visiting another local Internet Radio Show’s Facebook Page. Maybe someday, I will visit with them in person and offer them some free advice over a beer. Well, it won’t be free because they are going to buy me the beer.

I won’t make you guess who the band is, but if you can identify the other Radio Show, I will give you a free plug on the next show. You have to reach out on the Contact Form to send in your guess. What Radio Show Facebook Page did I find this band on? In the event of multiple correct guesses, I will declare the first entry as the winner and get in touch with you to get your free plug produced.

The name of the Band is Poppy and the Usual Suspects. If you like the way they sound, go here to find some more about them.

If you are reading this on some other platform other then the Mahoning Valley Podcast Website, you need to visit the site to enter. Find this Post or use any contact form you can find there.

That is it for today’s Show. If you like it come by Facebook and show me some love.



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