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Good Underground Radio July 1 2018

Kurve is kicking off this week’s Show. With “Kinetic Companions” Definitely head on over to Reverbnation and check out this totally cool instrumental artist.

Next up, some locals from Pulaski PA calling themselves Insulin. Totally rocking it, I think. What do you think? If you like this, head on over to give them a like on Facebook.  The name of the Track is “Keep on Ridin”.

So I am over on and I see this re-release of an old Punk Rock Song called “Plastic Bullets” That is what is playing after Insulin. The name of the Band is Target of Demand.  If you like it, check out more here.

Under the Announcements I am playing a piece I really like. Although it is an instrumental, I think it sounds great. And it also has a cool title that I recommend you give heed to “Don’t Go Out With The BAD Guys” written and performed by Hazy Davey.

Meals on Wheels performs an important Public Service. And Mario Andretti and I both highly recommend that you support the mission and volunteer in your local community to help our aging population be cared for. Why? Cause you are going to get old too. Sow kindness now and reap kindness later.

Next up some more Local Artists. Terry and Diane McCabe doing “Solitary Code” They have plenty of great tracks over on CDBaby. Why not get yourself a new Song today?

I found this next band on Reverbnation as well. Other Brothers is the name of the group and they are doing a Track called “Howlin”. They were nice enough to reach out to me there and so I gave some of their stuff a listen and decided to share this Track with you. Head on over to CDBaby and get some more of Other Brothers.

Under the next set of Announcements is another local, David G Ward Project. The name of the Track is called Sunrise.  Head on over to Facebook and give him a like.

The last track for this Show is by Monique Nikkole. She is a highly experienced Producer and Performer who I think turned in a wonderful Vocal performance on this Track. It is called “Say Yes”. Head on over to Facebook and give her a like. I did.

Under the last read in segment, I played a piece I really like by James Goins called “The Way Home” If you need or want music of any video or audio production, visit his website and ask him about licensing his work for your productions. I love his work.

With Summer here and in full swing, I know people are going to want to get out there and have a good time. Here at Good Underground Radio, we want you and everyone else to be safe. I found a company that can give you a Ride home if you get a little slithered. Or, if you know you want to cut loose a little, you can hire a Designated Driver at

An easy and convenient way to make sure you and your friends get home safe.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch.


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