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Good Underground Radio Show July 15 2018

Featured Image- Leah Cappelle

Click play to listen to some music that I am almost certain you have never heard before. And if you are like me will rock your world. I found some of these artists over on Reverbnation and some of them reached out to me on Facebook.

Who’s up first? Agent Orange. With a Track called “Everything Turns Grey”. Want some more Agent Orange. Go here.

Next up, a fellow by the name of Brett Witthuhn doing a track called “Leap of Faith”. Want more of Brett? Here ya go.

Next up, Waylon doing “Outlaw In Em”. I actually found this track on And here is where you can get more Waylon.  You should definitely click that link and check out his pic on Google. A Dutch Country Singer… Yeah booooy…..

Then my old friends the McCabes are next in the lineup singing and playing about how they are “Not Religious”. Here is more about Terry and Diane McCabe.

Then another Artist I heard on Ipluggers who I liked a lot. Leah Cappelle doing “Who I Am”. Here is more about Leah.

Then I totally dig these folks. I am not sure if it is the name of the Group or their music; although I think it is both. Fairy Bones doing “Waiting”.  Here is some more about Fairy Bones.

Then I wanted to play this for you again because it has such a nice sound to it. Finding Butterflies doing “Little Bird”. Want more Finding Butterflies? Here it is.

The last Track today is playing under the closing announcements is called “Z.U.N.T.” by a guy called Rob Omni. I am not sure why it is called ZUNT, but if you reach out to him; you can ask him.

What did you like about this Show? What do you think I could do better? Do you know any Artists who I should be playing? Please, let me know.

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