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Good Underground Radio Show July 22 2018

Rough Grind leads off this week’s Show with “Bulletproof”. Check out more about Rough Grind here.

Next up, we have some locals from Cleveland; the Metal Maffia doing one of my favorite Cover versions ever of “Centuries” Check out more here.

Then Quasimodo’s Bride does a Track called, “I Lost It”  Want some more of the bride? Go here.

Support Meals on Wheels and let’s do lunch.

This next Artist reached out to me on Reverbnation, Little Silas doing some old school Blues with a Track called “Tell Me One More Time”.  Find more about Little Silas here

Next up, a Seasoned group of Musicians out of LA who are rocking it with “Turn Around and Go”.  The Band is Downtown Mystic. Here is more about them.

Sean Alan and the True Love Band do “Blue Sky Day” for the next Track. Here is more about them.

I wrapped up this show with Other Brothers doing “Howlin”. Check them out here.

Under the final announcements a friend of mine who is both Guitar Teacher and Artist. Lachlan Horne. The Track is called “Dolphin Holiday”.

Make sure to reach out and let me know how you enjoy the Show. Thanks for listening.



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