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Good Underground Radio Show July 29 2018

First Track by Bill Madden. I don’t think he is related to the Football Coach and Announcer. But maybe… anyway more here about Mr. Madden and his Music. The Track is called “Gone”.

Next up, Sticky Sweet. Doing “SOS”.  Here is more about Sticky Sweet.

Then a Local I found climbing the Charts on Reverbnation. Paul Rader doing “Candy Mountain”. More about Paul here. Or his Videos on Youtube here.

Then a band called 4040 doing a Track called “You Can See the Light”. Want more 4040? Head on over here.

Then cause I am getting older an may someday need someone to bring me some food, I plugged Meals on Wheels. Also cause I believe it is a good thing. A Mitzvah if you will to support MOW. And cause I like the PSA. It seems to give me a little clout to play a PSA with Mario Andretti doing the Narration.

This band is also climbing the Charts over on Reverbation. Sealow doing “Comfort”. Here is more about Sealow.

Then I found this band also on Reverbnation. Permacrush doing “Tiny Little Pieces”. Here is more about Permacrush.

And then last but not least on this week’s Episode. Some more locals “Token” doing “You Know That’s Right”. Want some more Token? Check them out here.  Or on Facebook

And that is a wrap for this week.

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