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Good Underground Radio Show August 5 2018

Today I kicked off the Show with a remix and arrangement I did of a Track called “Trust” by Boy Epic. I originally submitted this Track on the old Indaba Website for a Remix contest and when I listened to it again; I thought I will share this with you.  If you want to hear more of Boy Epic, go here.

Next up a Track by a nice young lady who is from Middlefield Ohio.  Middlefield is a village in Middlefield Township, Geauga County, Ohio, United States. The population was 2,690 at the 2010 census. So a small town girl with big dreams and a great repertoire. Her name is Melanie May and the Track is “Florida”. More about Melanie here.

Then a Track that rocks from a Group I found climbing the Charts on Reverbnation. Limberlost doing “Long Shadows”. More about Limberlost here.

Then we have David Morini doing “Turn to the Healer”. This track speaks of the fact that there is healing available with Jesus Christ. He is alive and healing and saving people every day. Just ask Him. He loves you.  More about David Morini here.

Then I found this remake of the Jimmi Hendrix Track, “Fire” updated and really hot. It is done by a band named Sumo Cyco and I just thought it is amazing.  The Vocals are over the top.  More about Sumo Cyco here.

Recently we lost someone who was considered one of the best Vocalists in Great Britain. Diane Charlemagne. As a tribute, 52nd Street did a remake of one of her tracks. “Superhuman”. More about Diane Charlemagne here.  And more about 52nd Street here.

I wrapped the Show this week with a Track called “Spooky”. It was redone by a nice lady from Argentina who goes by the name of Ligia Piro.  The Track itself has been around a long time and has an interesting history.  More about Ligia Piro here.

This song was originally an instrumental by the saxophone player Mike Shapiro, who recorded it as Mike Sharpe. J.R. Cobb, who was the band’s lead guitarist, heard this song and added lyrics to it with their producer Buddy Buie. Cobb later formed the Atlanta Rhythm Section along with fellow band member Dean Daughtry and members of a band called The Candymen.

As always, feedback or artist suggestions are always welcomed.

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