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Good Underground Radio Show August 19 2018

Click Play and hear some great music. Did you know if you want to hear older episodes you can go to Iheart Radio? Sure. Go right over here.  Want to Subscribe? Head on over to Libsyn.  Want to hear the Show when it is available for the first time and get ahead of all your friends?  Go to Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting on Sunday Night at 7PM EST or EDT. Want to find out more about an Artist you heard on the Show? Just browse this site and click on a link.

I never charge these Artists for playing their music like some of these PR or Promotion Companies. I foot the bill as well as do all the work. So, if you think it is worthwhile; you can do a number of things to be supportive. Head over to Facebook and show me some love. Share these posts or the posts you find on Soundcloud.  Go to Instagram and show me some love there.

You can also hire me to help you with something. If you have a problem you aren’t sure how to solve; let’s talk about it. Maybe I can offer you some new perspective on how to resolve it. I can also sell you a read in commercial on the show. Just reach out and we will talk about it. You can even just throw some money in the production kitty and support the cause of helping these courageous and creative people continue to work at their craft.

Want to know who you are listening to? First off, Black Train 27 doing “I had My Harley Before I Had You”.  Next up is Safety Orange doing “No Control”.

Then I had to play this next track. I know the vocals sound a little like Michael Jackson, but if you take a minute to listen to more of Cameron Nino’s Music; you are going to find he has a unique voice and plays quite well. The Track is called “Gravity”.

I played a little snippet of this on my instagram while I was mastering this week’s show, but it is what this show is all about. “We Got The Jam”. It is by a group that calls themselves 171. Find out more about them here and buy some more of their music.

Next Track is called “Rainwash” and it is climbing the Charts on Reverbnation.  It is done by a group called Race The Sun.

Next up is Louden Swain doing a track called, “Trigger Finger” And for a Live Recording, I think it turned out pretty good. Here is more about Louden here.

I wrapped up this week’s Show with a Track called, “Fake” by the Silver Bayonets. Want more Silver Bayonets? Head on over here.

Got some ideas on how to improve the show? Or some other feedback? Please reach out.

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