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Good Underground Radio Show August 26 2018

We started out this show with the son of a legendary name in the Music Business. “Womack”.  This is Binky Womack doing “Put Something Down On It”. Want more of Binky? Go here. 

Next up is Jesse Davey with “Big Blues” Here is more about Jesse.

Next up Louise Goffin featuring Skylar Gudasz doing “Revenge”. More about Louise here.

We heard a brief message from St Jude Research Hospital where they never charge a fee for Treatment and provide their research to anyone who is battling childhood cancer.

Marton Vass featuring Rika Kasztel doing “Its Time To Make it Right” is what we heard right after our message from St Jude. Here is more about Marton.

Then we heard Crack of Dawn doing a track called “Booby Ruby” Want more of Crack of Dawn? Then go here.

Then I liked this song so much last week, I played it again. Cameron Nino doing “Gravity. Here is more about Cameron.

Remember to support these artists and show them some love. And if you want, support this effort as well

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