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Good Underground Radio Show September 2 2018

This is our local Labor Day Week Edition. Where I played some Artists here in NE Ohio. This is just a sampler. But, go ahead and click play to get a taste of the kind of music we do here in the “330”.

This Show kicks off with an Artist who goes by the name DAR. She is doing a track called, “Wake up/Is Gettin Heavy in Here”. Here is more about DAR.

Then one of the Tracks I have played a few times before for you, “Centuries” by the Mettal Mafia. More Mettal Mafia here.

Then Jones for Revival doing “Birthday Suit”. Here is more about Jones.

Meals on Wheels Mahoning Valley pulls our community together by matching Seniors who may be housebound with Volunteers who bring them food and check on them. Go by their Facebook Page and give them a like and sign up. Like Mario Andretti says, “America, Let’s Do Lunch.”

The David G Ward Project has some new music out. The piece playing under the announcements is called “Sunrise”. Check out their new Work here.

Next up, Terry and Diane McCabe doing “Snow Mountain”. Check them out here.

Paul Rader is next up doing “Candy Mountain”. Here is more about Paul.

Melanie May is doing “Florida” And singing about how Florida is too far away for her boy to be. Listen to more Melanie here.

Last but not least an extraordinary guitarist named Victor Samalot. He is doing his track called “Struttin”. Find more about Victor here.

That wraps up this week’s locals show. I want to hear from you if you have some music you want to share on future episodes. I also want to hear from you if you have some feedback.

I also invite you to join me is supporting these new and emerging Recording Artists. Keep music alive in our communities and society. I never charge a penny to any Artist I play. But you can help support this show and these Artists. Please consider it. Thanks for listening and have a great week.

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