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Good Underground Radio Show September 9 2018

This was a Double Shot Episode where I played 2 Tracks from each Artist.

I led it off with Scott Kirby doing “Something To Move” and then “Love is Just”. More about Scott Kirby here.

Then I played a new Track by Leah Capelle called “Walking With Giants” and one of my favorite tracks of hers called “Out of Love”. Find more of Leah here.

I played one of my favorite Tracks under the announcements in the middle of the Show. It is called, “Don’t Go Out With the Bad Guys” and it is by Hazy Davy.

I found the Trio of Awesuhm and loved their tracks. The first one is “Storyline” and the next one is “Adios”. Want some more awesuhm? Go here.

The last two tracks are by John Mullane. First, “Freaks Me Out” and then to wrap this week’s Show, “Born Beautiful”. Here is more about John.

As always, thanks for listening. If you want to help support these Artists and the production of this show; it would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to give me some feedback on it, please do.

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