Good Underground Radio Mixtapes

I have been looking at ways of supporting the Independent Artists who let me play their music.  Ways beyond the exposure they get. I never charge an Artist to play their music. Or post their details with the Show Notes from the Good Underground Radio Show Podcast. I simply ask them to give me the files so I can mix them into the Show.

And yes, I will listen to your music too. And consider it for inclusion on a Show.  Just reach out:


In the search for Artists, I came across Bandcamp. If you have never been there and are in Independent Recording Artist, it may be worth a look.  There seems to be lots going on over there when it comes to monetizing audio content. Mostly music.

So I am looking for Artists there and it asks me to sign up for an account. To be honest, I left the site a couple of times, on a couple of different occasions. But I heard someone I wanted to become a fan of, and decided to bite the bullet and sign up.

A few days later, I am thinking about the Show and how to get more exposure for the Artists. And even as usual, how to earn some money from the hard work that goes into producing the Show and posting the Show Notes, etc…  Anyway, I remember that I could sell some Tracks on BandCamp. And I think to myself, why not make Mixtapes?

I know they are not called mixtapes anymore. But I figured, why not put together some of my Favorite Tracks from producing the Show and came up with a longer Audio File.

So here it is:

And here is the catch.  You can listen to it here. But if you want  me to do more of them, I need you to let me know.  Then we can support the Artists that make it possible. It is a win, win, win…

Want to know who you are listening to? Here is the rundown:

Hazy Davey “The Wizard of Odds”
Dave Walton, “Get Over Yourself”
Dennis “Delusional Facade”
Commentary Finding Butterflies “The Train”
FB “The Train”
Lachlan Horne “Dream Vision”
Darryl Jackson Bio
Darryl Jackson “Loosen Your Grip”
Muzak “Prologue” and “A Matter of Time” and “Half Way There”
Mettal Mafia “Centuries”
Hazy Davey “Too Little Too Late”
Outro Bed Hazy Davey “Don’t Go Out with the Bad Guys”



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