Good Underground Radio Premier Episode

Just a few notes on the Artists Featured on the Premier Episode.


Sarantos:  Sarantos’ passion for music began before he knew what the word passion meant. He began writing lyrics as a small child while “people watching” in his mom and pop’s family diner. That is to say, when he wasn’t working and helping his mom and pop at the diner as a cook, dishwasher, waiter or cashier! In those days, he always had a pad of paper, loose-leaf sheet, or even a napkin to feverishly write down lyrics. As technology evolved, his iPhone, iPad, and computer have gladly become the recipients of those lyrics. Do you have any idea how long it took to digitize all those songs??

Sarantos love of music is profound. His lyrics express his love of people and the world around him. While life is fraught with many challenges, it also offers many blessings. His songs span an entire spectrum of emotion. And lest he take himself too seriously, Sarantos has a pretty wicked sense of humor. You may recognize this in some of his more lighthearted lyrics, facebook or twitter posts, and even in a random music video or two…

Whether a particular song or lyric is deep, serious or lighthearted, most people would agree that it is something they can relate to as people of this planet. Visit or Follow Sarantos in these places:

Sarantos Facebook artist page:

Sarantos Twitter:

Sarantos Website
Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz: Mississippi born and raised, Dr. Ted Borodofsky came to Paducah in 1977, bringing with him a love for jazz rooted in dixieland, swing and the inspiration of jazz great Pete Fountain. He retired from his 38-year practice in ophthalmology in 2015, wasting no time in jumping right into his lifelong passion of playing the clarinet. Decades of practice under his belt, Ted plays with a mesmerizing Mississippi cadence, blending  each of his musical inspirations into a finger-snappin’, toe-tappin’, hummin’-along collection he calls Southern Jazz  Find more of Ted on the Web here:
Dave Walton:
Here is a little about Dave Walton and his process in his own words:
That is it for the Premier Episode. As always, reach out and let me know if there is someone you want to feature or if you, yourself have some recorded songs you want me to play. Until next time from deep in the caverns below Boardman OH, “Hello up there!”


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