Good Underground Radio Show Week April 8 2018

This week we found a fellow who has a long history of playing and writing music all over the world and kicked off the show with his song, “Mr. Fixit”. His name is Malcolm Lane. Here is some information about his work and career:

Although at 72, he no longer performs live, he spent decades playing in bands. The first of any note was Serenity, a blues/folk group whose 1973 album Piece Of Mind is still one of the New Zealand records most sought after by collectors with the original pressings selling for around USD1000.


Serenity were a Christchurch based pop/folk trio around for a short time in 1972. They released a good album that year called “Piece Of Mind” and from that album came two singles, “Where Is The Lord”/”Millions” and “Pig”/”Sandelmaker”, all on the Down Under label.

It has been re-released internationally twice since then. As a blues harmonica player, he performed for 25 years with the late singer/guitarist Steve Gainsford. As well, he taught blues harmonica for many years with one of his harmonica solos opening the play Hand To God, on both Broadway and in London’s West End. Since Steve’s passing a year ago his focus has been writing songs.

You can also find Malcolm Lane Radio through, and also on his YouTube channel bentnote99. His songs are simple, blues influenced songs that are self explanatory. Although some are on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc, many more can be obtained from him directly by writing to . The full list of 70 or so songs with details as to how to purchase is available on the Malcolm Lane Radio homepage.

The next tune is called “City of Gravity” by our old friend, Darryl Jackson. You can check out the video he did for it on Youtube. Darryl_0_4Want more from Darryl Jackson? Visit his website here.  And find him on Facebook here. And Soundcloud here. Or head over to Jango and listen to his Station.

After that we heard some Muzak with a Track from their 2015 Album “Oxymoron” called “You Threw Me Out”. front I know you need some more Muzak so check them out in all these places:

Website / Newsletter subscription, etc. Social Media:  Facebook Youtube Instagram Streaming: Soundcloud Spotify Merchandising: Bandcamp


After that we heard a fine tune by our friend Sarantos who is singing and playing “Nothing to Hide”.  Of course, you can find and follow Sarantos in a number of places. For instance:

We wrapped this week’s Episode and Show with another Darryl Jackson Tune called “Loosen Your Grip” and then another Muzak piece called, “A Matter of Time”.  I am looking forward to the next show as I have found some great new music for you. Make sure to tune in on Sunday Night at 7PM Eastern Time on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting.

And if you want to just play this week’s Show over and over again or even listen to it while you are walking your dog or doing the dishes, check us out on Soundcloud so you can download and listen anytime you want.

If you want me to play some of your music or have feedback on this or previous episodes, make sure to take a minute to reach out. Thanks for listening.

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