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Good Underground Radio Week of April 1 2018

Did you hear this week’s Episode yet? It is airing again Wednesday April 4 and Friday April 6 2018 on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting at 7PM Eastern Time. If you are enjoying the Show, make sure to let your friends and family know about it.

Here are few notes about this week’s Artists. Make sure to visit them and like them and follow them buy their work. Remember, that this is a community effort to support and encourage Independent Recording Artists. So please, do your part.

We kicked off this week’s show with a song by Darryl Jackson. It is called “Through the Night Slowly”. You will hear more from Mr. Jackson later about his process and work. And can find more information about his music and where to buy it right below his picture:


Darryl Jackson on The Interwebs

Darryl Jackson on Soundcloud.

Darryl Jackson on Facebook

Darryl Jackson on Jango

We introduced our pleasure with the next Band last week. The band is Muzak with the song entitled “Cruel World”. Right after that we heard Sarantos with “Hero Falls”.


Support Meals on Wheels in your Community. Take a few minutes to get out and meet some of your neighbors. And bring them something to eat. You know why? Cause someday you are gonna be old too.

Next up in terms of Songs. Dave Walton’s “Judgment Day”.   Find his Youtube Channel here. Then we wrapped this Show with “Back and Forth” by Sarantos.

If you prefer to download this Episode so you can listen to it while you are cleaning your house or driving to work or getting your exercise on, please visit Soundcloud and just click on Download.

Hopefully, you are enjoying these Shows and Podcasts. I would love to hear some feedback or suggestions on how to make the Show better. Or about Artists you want to hear from or see appear on the Show. Or, even how to make better chili.

Come by my Facebook Page and give me a Like or leave some feedback.


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